Mika Tang is the CEO of Urban Pride Investments and All Flight LLC. Urban Pride is a real estate inspection and investment company. Tang's experience renovating distressed properties has led her to use drone thermography, photogrammetry, and photography as new methods to conduct property inspections.

Tang’s credentials include an MA in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois-Champaign and a Graduate Certificate in Unmanned Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She also completed an FAA commercial pilot program at Tab Express Academy in Deltona, Florida.

Tang flew for several cargo and passenger airlines for over 20 years and acquired over 5000 flight hours. In addition, she was one of the first female African-American Captains at American Airlines.

She started All Flight LLC in 2021 to teach people of all ages how to fly drones safely and legally. In 2023, she began teaching students about FAA 107 regulations, building hobby drones, thermography, and 3D modeling.

As a professional, her ideology has always been to embrace new challenges for continuous improvement. Tang is committed to raising awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion in industries with low female and minority representation. She aspires to help people develop the confidence to follow their goals and live in their purpose fearlessly. She developed programs at several organizations to increase diversity in S.T.E.M fields.

Tang is a trustworthy and transparent professional who leads by example. She strives to protect and enhance the environment through responsible practices promoting sustainability in all operations. Her dedication to safety ensures the well-being of stakeholders and team members.

Both companies actively engage and support the communities they operate in, contributing to their growth, development, and welfare. These values guide decisions, actions, and initiatives, reflecting a commitment to a better, safer, and more connected world.